DF65 Region 2 Championships 2022

2022 DF65 Region 2 Championship Regatta Report

By Steve Wasilko

Region 2’s DF65 Championship Regatta started with light winds (1 to 6 MPH), which picked up until about 2 PM and then slowly diminished during the last hour. The event took place in Lake Whittier, Frederick, Maryland and it proved to be an excellent venue, as the setting was perfect. Northern Maryland Model Yacht Club (NMMYC) members swept the awards in this epic event by taking all three of the beautiful plaques made by John Charlier.

The competition was fierce, as there were many races where the fleet battled from start to finish. Bart Drummond and Mike Cavanaugh led the group by winning 9 of the 13 races between them. Mike and Bart exchanged the lead 12 times and were tied going into the last race of the day. In that last race, Bart edged out Mike as they finished 2nd and 3rd behind Kyle Russell, who finished third in the Regatta. The last race made the difference, as Bart won the regatta by just one point. That last race also decided the 3rd place winner, as Kyle edged Dick White for 3rd place by having the extra win for the tie breaker. One of the spectator’s said that he had never seen so many tactics and strategies being used in a Regatta. It was a really exciting event and we were so lucky that it will be featured on Sail Wars! There were so many moves during the races and it really impacted the final standings! The 13 races seemed to fly by, as everyone enjoyed themselves.

This was one of those Regattas, where there was a lot of comradery and good sportsmanship amongst everyone. The “Sail Wars” YouTube crew was filming and interviewing the racers, so look for some great videos covering this event. Doug McLellan won the prestigious “Sail Wars Sportsmanship” award.

A special “thank you” to all of our club members and Sail Wars volunteers that made this event so successful! A perfect venue, fantastic pizza, exciting sailing action, and a well-run event. From the great comments, I heard afterwards…this is a must attend event for next year! Well done, Skippers!

Summary of the 2022 DF65 R2CR, Red Chevrons

Date: August 27th

Location: Frederick, Md

Host Club: Northern Maryland Model Yacht Club #415

Race Director: Steve Wasilko

Entries: 14

Winds: 1-6 mph

Races Completed: 13

Scoring: Low Point; with 2 throw-outs

Race Committee: Steve Wasilko, RD; Khim Bittle, Head Score Keeper; Connie Drummond Registration/Set-up Crew/Videographer.

2021 DF65 R2CR Results

Place Skipper Sail# Points

1 Bart Drummond 777 21

2 Mike Cavanaugh 15 22

3 Kyle Russell 93 34 (2, 1sts)

4 Dick White 828 34 (1, 1st)

5 Robert Dutton 53 52

Remaining Top Ten finishers: Doug McLellan, Chris Carpenter, Alan Krusinger, James Schaefer and Ara Sahakian.

The "2022 Sail Wars Sportsmanship Award" was given out to the sailor who is selected by our volunteers as having shown the best sportsmanship of the day. This award is the highest honor given by the Sail Wars Team.

The 2022 Sail Wars Sportsmanship Award was awarded to Doug McLennen.

2021 Recipient of the Sportsmanship Award was Mike Cavanaugh(Right).

This year's awards were really nice!

1st Place Bart Drummond

2nd Place Mike Cavanaugh

3rd Place Kyle Russell


NOR R2 Championships 2022 NMMYC.docx