2023 Club Championship

June 3rd and July 1st , 2023

We will be giving out plaques for 1st thru 3rd places and on each of these race days.   Every Skipper will receive points for their order of finish.  Those points will go towards the overall championship which are giant trophies (1st thru 3rd) that will be awarded at our end of year party.  Please keep in mind that having fun is the primary reason for sailing.

Rules for the Fun Club Championship Race Days:


1.   Each Race Day will consist of eight races.


2.   You may use long or short keels and A+ or A rigs.  A-Rigs are encouraged.


3.   Skippers that choose to use an A+ rig will start race one and race 8 on the “Line of Excellence”. 


4.   The top three finishers in races 1 thru 7 will start on the “Line of Excellence”. Our member(s) that normally sail RG65s at our club will follow this rule.


5.   The third-place finisher will call the line for the “line of Excellence” and the fourth-place finisher will call the normal start line.


6.   If we don’t have a dedicated scorer, then the first-place finisher will write down the finishers and the second-place finisher will call out the boats as they cross the line.


7.       This is a Fun Race Day, so please don’t think it’s the Regional Championships. A-Rigs are the norm for our more experienced sailors (You know who you are).


8.   The Skipper’s meeting will start at 0945 and then racing will start soon after.


9.   The cost is free, so bring your own beverages.  We will meet for pizza afterwards and give out the awards.


10.   Skippers will be awarded points for both race days and the low score will be crowned the Club Champion (Low point scoring system).


11.   Members that don’t show up at one or the other Race Days will be given the total number of sailors at that race day, plus 1 point, as their score for that day. 


These two Race Days should be really fun! Please keep that as your primary focus.

Individual Club Championship Race Day Plaques

Overall Club Championship Trophies

Day 1 of 2 of the NMMYC Championship

June 3rd, 2023

Day one of our club's championship was held in beautiful weather and pretty good wind (4-8mph). The wind was unusually shifty for Lake Whittier which made for some challenging sailing.  At one point, the wind was gusting from what seemed like all four directions. Sailing in Fredrick is always amazing!

Eight Skippers competed for the title and everyone had a blast as the competition was fierce and the course was set well. Thank you to all of you that helped with set-up and take-down. Bart and Connie both had mechanical issues with their boats leading to them getting “Did Not Finish” in 5 races combined.  They both did well in the other races, but this did open the door for other Skippers that were sailing well.

Alan ruled the day by crushing the competition winning 3 of the 8 races. He also took 2nd twice and 3rd  once.  Great sailing Alan!  Mike C. took 2nd and Ara finished 3rd  with each of them winning 2 races each. Connie ended up winning the other race. Congrats, Connie!

Overall, it was another fantastic day with everyone having fun, enjoying the great weather at our beautiful lake.  The pizza and soda were a great way to finish our day with truly great friends. What a wonderful group of people!

The second half of our championship will take place on July 1st.   

All are welcome to compete!

July 1st, 2023 Report

Day two of our club's championship was held yesterday at Lake Whittier.   The weather was great with some challenging winds (1 to 5mph). We also had a couple of families who watched us race, which is always nice to see. Everyone who attended our race event received a commemorative coin and spirit necklace, which will have a significance at the end of year party. Don’t worry, all the rest of this year’s regattas have unique coins and necklaces too.

Now, onto our race day news…

First off, Bart had mechanical issues with his boat again this month leading to another “Did Not Finish”. I think, it’s time for Bart to put more effort into his boat maintenance.  He did do very well in the other races by being “Mr. Consistent” and finishing the day in second place.  Kyle did well on the second leg of the Club Championship, as he won two of the eight races and ended up taking third place. Although Bart and Kyle raced fast, one Sailor separated himself by being in a class of his own.

Mike C.  ruled the day by crushing the competition by winning five of the eight races. He also took a second and third.  Great sailing, Mike!  You really were on your game!  Rob, finished fourth place and our newest member, Winston, finished fifth place. Connie, rounded out the top sixth place with some good races and our new-comer, Paul, finished in seventh place.

We had 13 Sailors compete to be the “2023 Northern Maryland Model Yacht Club Champion”. Our scorer will combine the points and the top three finishers will be announced at our end of year celebration.

 Overall, it was another fantastic day with everyone having fun and enjoying the great weather at our beautiful lake.  The pizza and soda were a great way to finish our day with truly, great friends.  I can’t tell you enough, how fortunate we are to have such great members! You are truly the best!