The Northern Maryland Model Yacht Club



The Club shall be known as the Northern Maryland Model Yacht Club. Located at Whittier in Frederick, Maryland.


The Club will foster camaraderie among its members and promote remote controlled model sailboats throughout the area.

Activities to be promoted include model sailboat sailing, racing, and building. The Club will encourage a spirit of sportsmanship, fun and fair play.

There will be ample opportunities put in place to develop our member’s skills and understanding of sailing. Not just in a practical sense but to include the joy and spirit of yacht racing among a group with shared interests.

As a member, there are opportunities and needs for active participation in the club activities.

ARTICLE III The Wardroom

The Wardroom shall consist of a Commodore, Purser, Recruiter, Public Affairs, and Fleet Captain(s).

Additional Fleet Captain positions will be created as appropriate. Full members of the Club will be Skippers.

Race Directors will be appointed as needed.

All changes to the Wardroom membership/composition will be made by the Wardroom working together, including replacements when needed. Votes may be taken when needed.

ARTICLE IV Duties of Wardroom members and Race Directors

The Commodore shall normally preside at all meetings of the Club.

The Purser shall maintain the financial records and monies of the Club and shall handle financial transactions pursuant to the business of the Club.

The Recruiter shall maintain Club membership records as needed.

The Fleet Captain(s) shall oversee all Club activities at their respective locations. Other Fleet Captains shall be appointed on an ad hoc basis.

The Public Affairs person shall contact the local newspaper at least one month before the season starts and before note worthy regattas to pass on information to gain media coverage for the club.

Race Directors will oversee the proper conduct of races or regattas under their purview.

Article V Member Involvement and Responsibilities

Participation in the events and operations of the Club is encouraged. Be current on club dues.

Service at least one event per year as a Race Director, a scorer, or other support activities related to the conduct of club races or regattas is encouraged. Donations and good works are encouraged. Show us how you can help the club.

Be an ambassador for the club when communicating through personal contacts, e-mail, social media or other websites and while attending off club events or discussions with contacts interested in the sport of Radio Controlled (RC) Model Yacht Sailing and Racing.

It is the responsibility of our members to sail fairly, be compliant with the rules of sailing, and to treat all members and guests with courtesy and respect.

ARTICLE VI Eligibility

All are welcome and all are encouraged to join and sail with us.

Dues shall be paid annually, if needed.

Members are encouraged to join the American Model Yachting Association (AMYA), but it is not required.

Guests and Friends are always welcome to sail with us.