Bart's EC 12 Orca

This is the EC12 that I have been working on in the 2020-2021 off season. I looked around the internet and was able to find a used EC 12 in Florida. The guy I bought it from was a casual hobbyist and his brother had bought the boat, along with two others at an estate auction. The boat had been built in 1999 for Jim Sargent by Robin Yachts. It can with two sets of sails (A and B rigs) though they were in very bad shape and I ordered new sails from John B Sails. The winch was an old Whirl Wind and was replaced with a RMG 285EL1. It took me all day to replace the winch, but I had a sense of achievement as I was able to get it to work properly.

This is how I bought it in November 2020. I had to get it from Daytona Beach, Florida.

This is how she looked sailing with her old sails (#2000).

Here Orca is on her maiden voyage. Note: The new sails weren't installed yet and I found out the old winch would stop working after about 5 minutes.

Here is a picture of the color changing paint. It goes from gold to blue to purple depending on the sunlight. This was very hard to paint and took three tries.

This is what it looked like inside when I bought her.

I printed a water-tight carbon fiber box to hold the new winch. I had to cut a hole in the wooden platform and then reinforced it with old DF65 mast pieces for strength. The pieces of electrical tape serve as guides to keep the lines from getting caught or tangled. A couple of mast pieces were also inserted as guides.

Here she is with her new sails on.