USS Drummond

The USS Drummond Battleship is a project I've been working on for months. It is based on the USS Missouri and I used my 3D printer to build her. It took over 300 hours of printing time alone.-- Bart

This is what she looks like on the inside. Plenty of water tight compartments.

I printed her hull in six pieces. Each piece is water tight and her total length is about 48 inches.

She barely fit in the bath tub! She floats despite having about 5 pounds of weight added inside the hull. I wanted her to sit deep in the water for stability and to look like the real ship while in the water.

Metal wires were attached and look great!

One section was built so I could add the four rudders, four motors, receiver, BEC, servo and battery.

What a mess! Yes, I was able to get everything in there! The battery goes in that top left hole. During testing, I actually blew out three of the four motors as the ESC will really put out some voltage! The roar of all four motors at full throttle was awesome!